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“I’ve put down my knife. I’m now picking up my screwdrivers to repair phones.”

29% of smartphones are cracked. We fix them. Cracked It is an award-winning phone repair service staffed by young offenders.

There are too many young people in our society who feel pushed into crime to provide for their families. It's because our system is broken.

This crime can become violent. Knife crime offences resulting in injury have increased by 22% in the last year, and 85% of violent offenders are aged between 16 and 29.

These young people are 4 times more likely to be victims of crime. ​ Trapped young people need credible options and a way out.

Employment is the single most effective factor in preventing and reducing offending. Good employment gives people choices.​

Our mission is to use smartphone repair to create opportunities for at-risk youth to break down their attitudinal barriers to employment - to realise that income, belonging and self-worth is gained through legitimate work.

Working in an East London youth centre, their founder piloted a phone repair programme with a group of at-risk youth, with the aim to up-skilling them and boosting their confidence to make clean money.

The programme was a success and the phone repair skills they gained were rigorous - and marketable. We were all - youth and staff - excited.

​The Year Here social enterprise incubator supported us to build infrastructure around our set-up, enabling us to run more repair programmes and fix more phones for more clients across London.​

That infrastructure became the social enterprise that exists today: Cracked It.​

The Centre for Social Justice named them Social Enterprise of the Year in 2018.​