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MVNOs benefit from churn in the mobile market

MVNOs benefit from churn in the mobile market

<p>Last year, 6% of UK adults changed mobile phone network &ndash; roughly 2.9 million people, or more than the population of Greater Manchester. But who are the winners and losers of this churn? In the last few years there has been growing competition in the industry, offering more choice for consumers and meaning maintaining market share has become a tougher proposition for the established players. The &lsquo;Big Four&rsquo; mobile network operators (MNOs) - Vodafone, EE, O2 and Three - have come under increased pressure from rival mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs). MVNOs - such as iD, Sky Mobile, BT Mobile, PlusNet Mobile, and Giffgaff - don&rsquo;t build and maintain their own infrastructure but instead lease and licence it from those who do. Over recent years MVNOs have driven down prices with aggressively low monthly contracts, but the flip-side is that they don&rsquo;t tend to offer the same......<a href=""> Read more here</a></p>

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